Product Brochures

FujiFilm DryPix 2000: Brochure
FujiFilm DryPix 2000: Data Sheet
FujiFilm DryPix 2000: DICOM Conformance
FujiFilm DryPix 2000: Image Intelligence
FujiFilm DryPix 4000: Brochure
FujiFilm DryPix 4000: Data Sheet
FujiFilm DryPix 4000: Device Modification
FujiFilm DryPix 4000: DICOM Conformance
FujiFilm DryPix 4000: IHE Integration
FujiFilm DryPix 4000: Image Intelligence
FujiFilm DryPix 5000: Brochure
FujiFilm DryPix 5000: Data Sheet
FujiFilm DryPix 5000: DICOM Conformance
FujiFilm DryPix 5000: IHE Integration
FujiFilm DryPix 5000: Image Intelligence
FujiFilm FCR Prima T: Brochure
FujiFilm FCR Prima T2: Brochure
FujiFilm FCR Prima: Brochure
FujiFilm FCR Prima: Brochure with Imager
FujiFilm FCR Prima: Extended Info
FujiFilm FCR Prima: FCRView Datasheet
FujiFilm FCR Prima: FlexUI Interface
FujiFilm FCRView: Brochure
FujiFilm FCRView: Data Sheet
FujiFilm FCR XL-2: Brochure
FujiFilm FCR XL-2: Data Sheet
FujiFilm FCR XL-2: DICOM Conformance
FujiFilm FCR XL-2: FCR Cart
FujiFilm FCR XL-2: FlexUI Interface
FujiFilm FCR XL-2: Image Stitching
FujiFilm FCR XL-2: Mobile Application
FujiFilm FCR XL-2: Radiation Therapy
FujiFilm FCR XL-2: Veterinary Medicine
FujiFilm FDR D-Evo: Brochure
FujiFilm FDR D-Evo Wireless: Brochure
FujiFilm FDX Console: Brochure
FujiFilm Film Blue Super RX: Brochure
FujiFilm Dry Imaging Thermal DI-HT
FujiFilm Dry Imaging Laser DI-HL: Data Sheet
FujiFilm Film Duplicating MI-DUP: Brochure
FujiFilm Film Green Super HR-U: Brochure
FujiFilm Film Green Super HR-S: Data Sheet
FujiFilm Film Mammography UM-MA: Brochure
FujiFilm Film Mammography UM-MA: Data Sheet

FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. (Fujifilm) is a leading provider of medical image and information products and technologies for acquiring, processing, managing and storing diagnostic images and related data. As the inventor of digital x-ray, over thirty years ago with our Computed Radiography (CR) technology, we have built a reputation as an innovator of healthcare systems that produce superior diagnostic information. As the healthcare segment evolves, we will continue to provide the market with innovative solutions that reach well beyond general radiography.

Not only are we the leader in digital x-ray systems with our CR and DR (Digital Radiography) based technologies; we are also the global leader in digital mammography. Our leading position in image acquisition is complimented by our ability to offer one of the most comprehensive lines of RIS/PACS solutions, featuring our Synapse® brand of PACS for radiology and cardiology, Synapse® RIS, Synapse® 3D, and Synapse® Mobility applications. Along with our point-of-care ultrasound product, Fazone CB and our endoscopy division’s FUJINON brand of endoscopes, Fujifilm offers one of the most diverse product portfolios in the healthcare segment.

Fujifilm Medical’s corporate headquarters is located in Stamford, CT providing sales, service, applications, and marketing leadership for its US based operations. The Stamford headquarters also serves as the worldwide R&D center for our medical informatics systems. Fujifilm and its team of renowned engineers are steadfast in their commitment to continuously innovate our product lines in order to provide users with the best quality and highest productivity imaging and informatics solutions to meet their varying needs. Along with our visionary product roadmap and our dedication to providing the ultimate customer experience, Fujifilm is well positioned to help our current and future customers navigate the challenging and dynamic healthcare landscape now and into the future.