Quantum Chiro-DX

Digital Work Flow

Conventional chiropractic radiographic systems have usually been associated with growing operating expanses year after year. The cost of film, processing chemicals, storage, chemical disposal and dark room maintenance are costs applicable long after the initial equipment investment has been paid off. Quantum’s Digital Chiropractic systems cater to any practitioner looking for a clear, convenient and cost-effective image processing systems while providing superior diagnostic image quality.

DR Technology (Digital Radiography)

DR is now affordable for the chiropractic professional. Quantum’s advanced technology incorporates CCD Technology (Charged Couple Device) on the wall stand for an efficient and cost effective solution. The Chiro-DX system produces images in less than six seconds without the need for cassettes.

This allows for a number of benefits:

  • Increased throughput because of system speed
  • The technician doesn’t have to leave the patient to process the image through a CR reader
  • Virtually instant verification