Poscom Podiatry Xray Unit

Product description

PXP-15HF is a specially designed inverter type podiatric unit. This device is useful for the radiography of feet, ankles and knees. Diverse angles for exposures and handy operation are some of the strong features of PXP-15HF (APUS).

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Product specification/models


  • Economic price for medical practitioners
  • Ultra-light weight and compact size
  • Constant X-ray output without influence of line power fluctuation
  • Equipped new remote control functions
  • Flat touch panel & digital display
  • LED readout / Display reverse switch
  • Scale tape for SID measurement
  • Built-in halogen collimator and laser pointer
  • X-ray Output: 15 mA / 80kVp
  • Generator: 70 kHz, HF Inverter Type
  • kV Range: 50-80kV/ 1kV Step
  • mAs Range: 0.3 to 30mAs
  • PROM APR memories for 6 selection of L.M.S. size each (Total 18 memories)
  • Power requirement: 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Standard Accessory: Power cord cable, Exposure hand switch, Metal carrying case and manual