NHD Endurance 365 CR

NHD Endurance 365 CR

Now you can easily convert your practice to digital radiography with the ImagePilot System. This single system solution is specifically designed for private practice offices and clinics.

ImagePilot is the newest technology in CR imaging. It simplifies CR image acquisition to the push of a button. This is made possible by AutoPilot Image Processing which completely automates the image optimization process. With AutoPilot, you get consistently superb images with every exposure.

In addition, ImagePilot pioneers the true meaning of an integrated CR system. It combines patient registration, CR acquisition, image viewing and storage in one system that is easy to use and maintain. These advanced features eliminate the need for a separate PACS.


Endurance 365 CR includes:

Imaging Station

• Patient Registration

• One click image acquisition—AutoPilot

• Image Review with annotation and measurement tools

• CD/DVD burning for distribution and archiving of exams

• Diagnostic report and referral option

• Local image storage with backup and remote storage options

• Optional client stations for image review in exam rooms or for patient registration


Cutting Edge Nano CR Reader

• Superior image quality

• User serviceability

– Cassette release handle to remove jammed cassette—no service call necessary

– Optical unit “sweeper” for cleaning CR optics and maintaining image quality

• Unique maglev linear motor technology increased reliability and longer life

• Does not require changes to the X-Ray Room. Simply use the CR cassettes instead of Film cassettes