Merge eFilm


New with eFilm Workstation 4.0.3:

  • 4.0.3 Includes many minor fixes to improve performance and usability
  • Embedded iConnect Cloud Archive (formerly Merge Honeycomb) Integration for available remote archiving and web distribution of studies
  • Auto-routing of studies included
  • Image compression when sending studies
  • Ability to connect to other efilm 4.X workstations securely without a VPN
  • Gray Scale Presentation State (GSPS) support for Key Images
  • SUV for PET/CT Included



eFilm Mobile enabled

  • Connect to multiple eFilm devices from your iPhone or iPad
  • View studies, view local worklist and more from iPhone or iPad
  • Remotely control eFilm from your iPhone or iPad
  • Provide referring physicians limited access to your eFilm from their iPhone or iPad

User Login/Authentication

  • Identifying the user to the system allows eFilm to retrieve user-specific profile information and provides a mechanism to meet HIPAA requirements regarding information access.

PET/CT Image Display

  • Fused PET and CT images from the same study can be viewed, permitting visualization of functional PET data combined with anatomical CT data.

Pixel-for-Pixel Zoom

  • Provides the option to display the image at full resolution with no interpolation.

True-sized Printing

  • User can specify a scale factor that will result in true-sized DICOM printing, needed for orthopedic templating when using acetate templates.


  • MPR Reconstruct a cross-sectional image in any plane from CT or MR data
  • View real-time reconstruction in any orthogonal or oblique plane with exquisite image quality
  • Use MPR plane to generate slabs of arbitrary thickness via MIP
  • Automatically creates a new series
  • Stack through the reformatted images as you would any other series; view each slice’s relative position on the source image

User Profiles

  • Create unique user profiles based on user name
  • Save multiple user profiles on a given workstation to allow users to easily launch their preferred toolbar configurations, window and level presets, layout presets and more

3D/Volume Rendering

  • 3D/Volume Rendering Preview slices and select particular images for inclusion (or exclusion) from volume reconstruction
  • Adjust interpolation to suit processor speeds
  • Color mapping opacity setting options
  • View structures or organs as a whole (versus slices)
  • IMPORTANT: To support optimal clinical visualization, the user must deploy a color monitor and a video card that fully supports Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or greater. In the absence of the DirectX 8.1 video card, Volume Rendering functionality and performance will be lower than optimal.

DICOM Printing

  • Print to a large variety of printers
  • Send a manufacturer-specific string to the printer, via the DICOM print configuration, for specifying a particular Look Up Table at the printer

Customizable Toolbars

  • Customizable Toolbars Display only the tools needed when viewing various types of studies such as CR or MR
  • Access needed tools quickly for increased efficiency
  • Change the size of the icons on screen
  • Invoke auto-hide feature to hide tools when not actively using them, maximizing use of diagnostic screen space
  • Set up keystroke combinations to perform toolbar functions

Integrated CD & DVD Creation

  • Burn CDs or DVDs directly from the eFilm Workstation application
  • Burn a ‘lite’ version CD or DVD of eFilm Workstation to use as a portable viewer using the integrated DICOMDIR support feature
  • Compliant with IHE Portable Data Interchange (PDI)
  • Burn non DICOM Files to CD, and DVDs

Intuitive GUI

  • Customize toolbars per modality
  • Save user settings in a user profile
  • Work more accurately with dynamic distance display, mouse-over recognition and an alternating color scheme that make measurement lines much easier to read

Mouse Support

  • Accelerate productivity with a mouse configuration that allows users to use a variety of mouse hardware
  • Assign right and left mouse click functions to different mouse or trackball buttons
  • “Lock” a mouse or trackball button for common operations such as stacking and windowing; once the button is locked, the operation can be performed without requiring sustained button depression