IMAGE Information Systems iQ-SYSTEM PACS

iQ-SYSTEM PACS is a highly scalable picture archiving and communication system. It is installed in more than 5000 facilities ranging from small imaging centers to large multi-modality multi-site hospital installations across 97 countries. It is full-featured, state-of-the-art, robust and reliable, and available in most major world languages. The system is highly customizable with technical support provided in local languages by manufacturer-trained engineers.

The radiological workstation is the most important part of a PACS since doctors have to work with it all day long. The flagship of iQ-SYSTEM PACS is iQ-VIEW, the DICOM reading station. It offers user-friendly tools for the displaying and processing of any kind of medical images. Specialty tools for radiologists, orthopedics and nuclear specialists are smoothly integrated as well as a module for 3D post-processing. Our workstations can be integrated with most HIS/RIS systems available on the market.