IMS Giotto DBT

IMS has developed the second generation DBT, the device that implements unique, patented optimizations to provide the best image quality at the lowest dose to the patient. This device is the result of ten years of research and clinical study into advanced reconstruction methods, optimal imaging geometries, variable dose distributions and novel Tomosynthesis visualization methods for efficient workflow.

Other Tomosynthesis approaches still use CT style filtered back projection (FBP) reconstruction algorithms and geometries with uniform distribution of dose and projection angles.

The IMS DBT system uses methods that are optimal for Tomosynthesis, not for CT. These methods cover, among others, reconstruction algorithms, dose distribution and spacing of images.

Early detection using screening mammography has been shown to significantly reduce the mortality associated with breast cancer (L. Nyström, et al, “Long-Term effects of mammography screening”, The Lancet March 2002).

The introduction of full-field digital mammography in the last few years has improved image quality and has been shown to improve sensitivity in the dense breast. However, FFDM relies on 2D projection images, in which pathological structures can be hidden due a superimposition of tissues. Overlapping structures can mimic lesions, leading to false positive results. The complex projection images from conventional mammography introduces a difficult diagnostic challenge: interpreting multiple layers of overlapping tissue projected into a 2D image.

There is a clear unmet clinical need for a breast imaging modality that can provide high resolution tomosynthesis imaging while remaining within both the X-ray 'dose budget' and the financial budget of traditional  mammography. This is the clinical need that digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) addresses.

DBT is a powerful tool that can improve the early detection of breast cancer, particularly in the dense breast. It is a new and advanced technique to better support the radiologist in the daily fight against breast cancer. IMS is dedicated to providing its customer with the most advanced and innovative devices. We present here our own vision of Tomosynthesis: an optimized and original solution capable of providing spectacular clinical results.

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